March 2013 newsletter for the Arena Market and Cafe
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Our Co-op on the Coast

Arena Market and Cafe / Coastal Organics Cooperative
March 2013

A Message from Your General Manager

Linda Kneifel

Hello Members and Shoppers! The exciting month of March is upon us. Daylight savings time returns on the 10th and Spring officially begins on the 20th.

I was so pleased to read in the ICO – our weekly local newspaper – that two of our high school employees made the honor roll. Lupin Nye and Chantel Cabrera. Chantel made the high honor roll! Another of our high school employees, Alethea Davies, is becoming a Triathlete. Wow! She has also learned a lot about eating healthy greens and grains through her years of working here. Our fourth high school employee, Shane Arana, is his own mechanic. He is learning how to service and fix his own truck. Such incredible kids that we have the honor of working with.

I have been bringing in new products; ones that I am really excited about. There are two in particular that I would like to share with you – The South River Miso Company and Dandy Blend from Goosefoot Farms. These are products that you won’t find anywhere on the coast, and they are incredible!

I have brought in 4 unique varieties of miso that are authentically produced and unlike any miso you have had. Let me know what you think!

Dandy Blend is an instant roasted dandelion drink that makes an excellent coffee replacement. It is gluten free because of the way that it is processed – and I gravitate to it at night and when I want that (gasp) 3rd or 4th cup of coffee. It can be used with hot or cold water, even stirred into ice cream. YUMMY!

We recently had Blake More of B more Creations update our web page. It features a calendar, recipes, new products, and a newly created “contribute now” button through the use of Paypal. Please take a moment and peruse the beautiful web site that is being updated monthly. []

Again, I am always available to hear your thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, praise – whatever you need to share with us here at YOUR co op.
I love this store and what we have to offer and I hope that you all do too. Let me know what you are thinking.


Fundraising Dinner Update

Love our Co-op!
Many thanks to those of you who shared the love with us on Valentines Day!

The house-made dinner was enjoyed by almost 30 people and started off the Love our Co-op Fundraiser, promoted by Coastal Organics' Board of Directors. Chef Andy Riggs and Director Dan Wormhaudt prepared a delicious meal that was served buffet style with complementary seconds close at hand!

Andy expertly concocted a third sauce for the pastas after the first two sauces were quickly polished off by our guests, while the Ital salad prepared by Dan was perfectly proportioned and well balanced! The éclair dessert swans were a gastronomic and aesthetic delight - we sold some as Valentines Day gifts before the dinner began!

Board Member Phil Clark served local wine and beer to the patrons and other Directors greeted guests and assisted with the dinner production.

Many of the beautiful flowers that decorated the store were donated by Natasha (Flowers by Natasha in Gualala) and set the tone for benevolence! Much gratitude to Linda and Mike for their champion collaboration (and Linda's non-stop dishwashing!) - it takes a team to reach a goal!

Our goal of $60,000 was aided by your contributions and your dining favor. Funds generated from the dinner were over $400.00 - a good start! Members of the Board have pledged their support through generous quarterly donations and you can do the same. The Co-Op urgently needs to replace the compressor for the large refrigeration system, and the freezers and coolers are in need of maintenance and some need replacement as well.

As many of you know, our financial condition is a precarious one that has not stabilized or sub-sided and is in continuous analysis. The Board (including Linda, our General Manager) has endeavored to keep the doors open, employees paid and food on the shelf. Now it's up to all of us, members and shoppers, to stand behind the only Food Co-op on the Mendonoma Coast and insure our economic success through increased purchases and donations.

We will be hosting future dinners to further our fundraising goal. One is planned for April and other activities may follow. Any suggestions?

As a supporter, you may directly contribute ANY AMOUNT to our Savings Account at the Redwood Credit Union. And on our webpage, a PayPal donation button has been created for your convenience. All contributions, no matter how small, are deeply appreciated and will go towards necessary equipment purchases.

We thank you for your endorsement and continued patronage!


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Coming Soon!

"Baker Creek carries one of the largest selections of seeds from the 19th century, including many Asian and European varieties. The company has become a tool to promote and preserve our agricultural and culinary heritage". This righteous company has an awesome retail store in Petaluma, the Petaluma Seed Bank, located downtown in the historic Sonoma County National Bank. It supplies gardeners and farmers with over 1400 varieties of non-GMO seeds.

We will make available a basic home gardeners stock, including a few flower choices and the Heirloom Gardener Magazine. Seeds sold at the Co-op will be chosen for their coastal recommendations. Co-op members will receive 20% off the marked price and EBT card holders under Cal Fresh-SNAP may purchase seeds to grow their own food! Watch for them in the store this month!

New Wine from Kermit Lynch
2010 Clos La Coutale Cahors

New from Kermit Lynch in Berkeley, the 2010 Clos La Coutale Cahors is a big, supple red from the southwest of France: 80% Malbec, 20% Merlot. Yes, the same Malbec that has helped Argentina become a major producer of red wines, although the grape originated in Cahors, France, where it is known as Cot or Auxerroix.

Traditionally, these wines were known as the “black wines” of Cahors for the mighty tannins and dark, inky color that derived in part from a third grape, Tannat (from the langue d’oc word for tannin). Current vinification practices and the omission of Tannat have made these wines more approachable without years in the cellar. Drink with steak and potatoes, cassoulet (a traditional pairing in Cahors), roast lamb. And give this wine time to breathe; after an hour or so, the black currant flavors become less dominant and more floral characteristics emerge.

A few quick recipe suggestions from Linda

I love to take our delicious prepared pesto and coat some of the nuts that we offer in bulk. Coat the nuts with the pesto and bake in a 350 oven for 15‐25 minutes or until the nuts seem done. They will continue to cook for a bit after coming out of the oven. I experiment with the time needed and with different types of nuts……I often take these to potlucks and everyone raves about them.

My second suggestion comes from Laurels Cookbook, an oldy but goody ‐ still. She recommends sautéing up garlic, onions and grated fresh ginger until the onions are transparent. Add chopped, cleaned chard and some Tamari or Braggs liquid aminos for liquid to wilt the chard. After a few minutes add fresh chopped tomatoes and…voila. I first tried this over a baked potato and the juices/sauces made the potato extra delicious. It works well over every type of grain that I have tried so far.

Love our Co-op Dinner

We want to know how we can we serve you better.

Please share your thoughts in person or by using the suggestion box. Your ideas could change the world!

Q. When I go to Ukiah they ask me to see my co-op member card so I can get a discount at the natural food store. Why don’t we (as members) have a card?

A. Awhile back cards were issued and laminated; I have one and there is a stack at the front register, so if you have been a long standing member, there very well might be a card waiting for you…..that is where I discovered mine! If you would like a card, please leave me your name and member number in the suggestion box and I will find the old template and laminate one for you. I would be so happy to do so.

Five things I love about our Co-op

by Linda Kneifel

  • The ladies in the kitchen often sing as they prepare our wonderful food. 
  • Our members and customers are so passionate about their personal food preferences, diets and sources.
  • Everyday I learn about new food issues from our customers and members.
  • Sitting on the Board of Directors of Coastal Organics, I realize how committed our Board members are.
  • I love being able to share my favorite items with everyone.

Hi Everyone,
Thank you again for making the 2013 slam and poetry out loud competition a success! And again, thank you to the participants, the teachers, the judges, and generous donations from the Arena Theater (and our volunteer crew Eric Dahlhoff on sound and Rufus Savage-Friedman on lights), our video crew Lorna and Dante, the Arena Market and Cafe (drinks and chips), Pizzas and Cream (pizzas!), and Harvest Market.

peace and poetry,

"Morning Baking" Class

Learn these Baking Techniques!
Straight dough * Cutting * Creaming
Sticky Buns * Scones * Muffins
Class will include a lecture, hands on demonstration and sweets to eat!
Taught by Arena Cafe Chef, Andy Riggs
Sunday, March 31, 2013 4 - 7:15pm

Limited to 4 students.
Register by contacting Andy at the Co-op

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