June 2014 newsletter updates membership, financial brief report, propane buyers club and new products.
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Co-op Members Reach Full Share Status

After paying annual membership dues since the co-op opened in 2009, some of our early co-op members have reached a Full Share status. By paying $50 each year, these members have topped out and will not have to pay more to be a member in good standing.

By California law that governs cooperatives, each member must be an equity participant in the co-op. The law limits membership equity to a maximum of $300, which is the Full Share amount.

From the beginning, about 100 members invested their full share amount, which provided substantial equity to refurbish the store and pay our startup costs. Now, another 30 members have reached the Full Share level.

Welcome. And thanks for your continued support of the co-op.
Rick Beach, Secretary

Financial Brief

Late last year, with Mike as general manager,  the co-op turned a corner and began making a profit.  2014 is starting out to be the best year ever for the co-op.  We are working on refinancing our long term debt that is coming due at the end of the year and we are hoping to be able to obtain a good rate due to our improved financial position.  With the continued efforts of Mike and our awesome staff at the store, the members,  and the board, we are projecting that this year we will see the financial health of the business continue to improve. 
Patricia Schwindt, Chief Financial Officer

Propane Buyers Club

Members of the Coastal Organics Cooperative may sign up for a volume discount when purchasing propane from Suburban. Prices are based on the refinery price plus a markup that varies by the total volume purchased by co-op members. More members buying more propane means the delivered price is lowered. We are approaching the next discount level.

Details appear on the co-op website. Co-op membership is required. Both application forms posted there.
Rick Beach, Secretary

New Products on the Shelves

Some new products to look for:
  • Little Green Bean coffee, a locally roasted coffee
  • Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes
  • Kind Minis Variety Pack
  • Blue Lotus Masala (several varieties)
  • Paqui Tortilla Chips (several varieties)
  • Bonnano Family Smoked Olives, a locally producer
  • Sunbeam Candles (several varieties and sizes)
  • Wellness Dry Cat Food
  • Three Twins Lemon Cookie Ice Cream
  • Everyone Lotion and Soap
  • Herban Cowboy organic grooming products
  • plus several updates in the Beer and Wine cases
Mike Sakellaridis, General Manager

Top Ten Products (by quantity)

In May, the co-op sold the most of these products:

1,116 Banana, Organic (pounds)

   484 Lemon, Organic (pounds)

   422 Avocado Haas. Organic (pounds)

   420 House Coffee (16Oz Togo)

   360 Cookie (each)

   357 House Coffee (12Oz Togo)

   312 Organic Soup (Togo)

   297 House Coffee (20Oz Togo)

   289 Muffin (each)

   284 Apples, Fuji, Organic (pounds)

Mike Sakellaridis, General Manager

Board Meetings and Minutes

The board of directors of the Coastal Organics Cooperative, Inc., meets monthly at the Huntley House in Point Arena. Regular meetings are scheduled start at 4 pm on the second Thursday of the month. Members are welcome to attend. 

Check the calendar on our website for last minute schedule changes. Minutes of past board meetings will also appear on the co-op website.

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