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August 2010


1. Involving mutual assistance in working towards a common goal.
2. A business owned and run jointly by its members with profits or benefits shared by those members.

Point Arena is a wonderful and unique community with beautiful views, great air and diverse group of folks that call it home. There are many wonderful attributes in our community, such as the theater and library. We also have a cooperative organic grocery store, the Arena Market and Café. Owned by over 300 community members, the co-op is a mighty resource. It is ours to nourish and it will nourish us. The key to any cooperative endeavor is the level of involvement of the members who own it. Our co-op welcomes your involvement, and there is so much to do! Our success and longevity will be a result of the community support for this big little store that can do so much for all of us.

There are many ways to be involved. The first and simplest is shopping at the store and enjoying the café for coffee, a snack or meal. Increase our revenues so we can lower prices and employ your neighbors. Know of a product you would like to see on the shelves? Let our staff know. Every time we save you a trip out of town for any kind of product, it’s good for the store, good for you, and good for the environment.

One can volunteer. There are many things that can be done by volunteers. We need day-to-day tasks: stocking, cleaning, and general maintenance. Get involved with our special and fun events. We welcome help with this newsletter. Tell the story of our co-op to potential new members and investors. Lastly the board of Directors needs possible candidates to fill seats on the board.

Our store struggles along. We are so close to operating in the black, a great feat for a small business in a small town during its second year of operation. A small effort from each of our members will insure that this community treasure will nourish us far in to the future. Please become involved in the co-op in whatever way you may find possible.

Our 100% organic produce section is becoming the talk of the community. Rosario, our produce manager, makes our produce section shine like never before with the largest selection on the south coast. We are proud to be offering the very best produce to our community.
      Our major supplier, UNFI, has a new line of affordable organic products under the brand name Field Day. Look for them when you shop and tell us what you think. Our beer and wine selection continues to grow. Look for local and organic choices, as well as community favorites. We plan to stock the beers on tap at the Pier Chowder House and Tap Room and the wines served at the planned wine bar up Main Street.
      And our deli offerings keep getting better and tastier. The salad bar now has company with warm foods, and we often sell out of our pre-packaged freshly made sandwiches, cookies, and specialty salads.

Our second wine-tasting event was held August 20th. Our in-house wine advisors George Abrams and Prometheus Glover are planning regular Friday-evening tastings during the fall months. Buy a wine-tasting admission that pays for the wines and food, and then when you next buy wine with your groceries, receive an extra 5% discount with that coupon.
      Coming in September, look for Center Street Suppers. These will be dining events that will take place in our back stockroom. These suppers will feature guest chefs from our area, and build on the farm-to-table concept with local foods as much as possible. We hope to make these fundraisers for specific needs with-in the store.

It is hard to ask any one to volunteer their time. There just seems to be so little of it. The co-op has an incentive that will make the joy of working for the store that much more gratifying: 15% discount on one shopping trip. Volunteer for a minimum of three hours and you will receive a coupon for 15% off all of your purchases. Any day you volunteer you will be eligible for a coupon.
      There is always work to be done, shelves stocked, windows to be washed, floors to sweep, boxes to breakdown, and more. Talk to Laura to schedule your volunteer work.

Our co-op has been irregular with this form of communication. There is just too much to do! Beginning with this newsletter, we will bring our members more regular news of what is happening in the store. You can get involved. We need contributors and an organizer to get this out in a regular and timely fashion. Please contact Laura to volunteer at info@arenaorganics.org

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