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April 16, 2009

So much work is getting done on each day it is hard to keep track. We have all of the construction progress, the building is coming together! Soon we will be able to come in and turn the lights on! Now we are off reestablishing accounts with vendors, learning the new cash/POS register system and cleaning the coffee equipment. May 8th is our opening date.  Time to get excited!

Saturday Work party days
Logo Challenge
May Member Meeting
Interim Board Members
Needed Equipment

Saturday Work Party Days:
We own a co-op, each and every one who has paid their membership, and as of this writing that is getting close to 60 people. At this point I include even the folks who just haven’t gotten around to buying their shares yet--you can still come help. We are building our community store together. This Saturday and every Saturday through May 9th we will have a work party from 9am-3pm.  Come help us put our store together. We have painting projects, equipment to assemble, corners to clean; and as we get closer to opening day we will have stock to put on the shelves. Put on your gloves, grab a paint brush, let’s build our store together. Please feel free to contact Peter at 707-882-3663 for more information. Saturday the 18th is our first work party, short notice but if you can make we’ll see you there.

Logo Challenge:

We need a logo! Calling all Artists and other creative folks -- we are looking for submissions and logo ideas. It must be able to be legible whether on a business card or on the side of a building. We are thinking of something that incorporates both the name of the co-op and the name of the storestore front but we will need to see. The Co-op is Coastal Organics Cooperative Inc.inc. and the storestore front is the Arena Market and Café. Please give us your ideas!

May Member Meeting:

In our bylaws we are suppose to have our annual member meeting today. Yes that’s right today. The interim board felt that we should postpone our member meeting until May 21th when we are open and doing business. This will be a very important meeting, it will be the meeting where you the members will seat the permanent board. There are many decisions that will be made at this meeting it will be everyone’s chance to shape the future of the co-op in Point Arena. Please mark you calendars for May 21st.

Interim Board:
Here is an update on our current interim board. We have a really great group of folks working really hard to get the store opened. We are:

President Peter Loughran
Vice President Laura Smith
Secretary Meghan Diggins
Treasurer Rose Mari
Director Roger Dent
Director Aaron Peters

Needed Equipment:
We have the computer we need! Rose and Noah Mari put together our technical needs for our back office and we are very excited about the equipment that is coming in. There are a few items that we are still looking for. I will continue to update this list and send it out in case any of you have any leads for helping us find what we need. We will be looking for desks, file cabinets, shelves, chairs for our office. Call 707 882 3663 if you can help us out.
          In  the market we are looking for a soup and salad bar. These are some times known as a hot and cold merchandiser. We would be looking for one with all the necessary components to meet health codes. We are looking for storage freezers, commercial pots and pans, plates utensils anything. If you are aware of any kind of equipment that may help us in the market please give us a call. You can call the number above if you have any leads on this type of equipment.


Check out www.arenaorganics.org our website for updates and new pages. We are continuing to bring our online presence up to speed. You can also get a member application there and join today!

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