July 2018 Newsletter for the Arena Market and Cafe
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July 2018
Our Co-op on the Coast

Arena Market and Cafe / Coastal Organics Cooperative

A Message from the Manager

First off, I want to give a big shout out to everyone that helped make our remodel possible. The nearly thirty volunteers that helped muscle the store into its new order, our supportive board, the hard working staff, and Ginny for her vision and commitment to the project.

With the new layout we’re more inspired than ever to offer delicious daily hot lunch specials. Yesterdays hot lunch yumminess was an Indian Spiced Dahl & Rice one bowl meal, which followed our regular hot breakfast sandwiches. So no matter what time of day you come into the co-op, something will be hot and ready to eat.

We’re also expanding our deli section offerings, introducing some new, healthy, plant-based recipes into the mix, while still offering all the standard favorites. We’ve got everyone covered! So, if you haven’t already, make sure to stop in and see what we’ve been up to!

Natalie Cortese
General Manager

Board Member Report

by Ginny Wyatt  

Thank you very much!

It really was amazing. Bill and I set a date and decided that the store remodel would happen on June 10. I made a list of things to be done that night. Previous to the date I asked people to come help, And on Sunday the 10 th 30 members showed up and we took parts of the store apart, cleaned and remodeled the market. It was awesome, we worked together and enjoyed each other’s company. Rufus made us dinner and those that could stay made sure that the market got put back together and was ready to open the next day. Bill, Martin, Tim and myself were there till midnight awaiting the computer completion.

The staff seem happy with the changes even though they are most definitely the greatest affected by the new layout. My hope is that in creating a central to go food area this will increase sales for the market.

Bill, Jim Koogle and Randy spent 3-4 days prior preparing the electrical upgrade. And Bill and Geoffrey Baugher also worked a few days reconstructing the bulk area. The market looks and feels better to me and feedback has been positive. It could not have happened without all the labor volunteered by our members. It was a great event and I really appreciated all the help and support.

This is our busiest time of the year,when the market makes its largest profit and I wanted to have this done by July 1 st so we could reap the benefits of the new layout. Natalie and the entire staff are working hard to create food options that meet the needs of all members. Feel free to drop suggestions in the box with your ideas.



New Products

Ruby Rockets Fruit & Veggie Pops ~ Cold, light & refreshing summer treat $5.99

Udis Soft Baked Gluten Free Cookies ~ Salted Caramel Cashew. Decadent gluten-free goodness. Treat yourself. $6.89

GT Veggie & Coco Kefirs ~ Thoughtfully cultured with billions of probiotics to promote healthy digestion. $4.99

Organic Bare Fruit Chips ~ Dried fruit that eats like a chip! $7.69

Arare Rice Crackers ~ Baked, not fried, crispy rice crackers. Add some of our bulk peanuts to the mix for a perfect snack. $4.69

Sale Items

Harvest Stone Gluten-Free Crackers - $3.49

Santa Cruz Natural Juices - $2.49



Suggestion Box

by Kathryn McCabe

Hello all CO-OP members.  I hope everyone is enjoying the “New “  Co-Op.  I want to personally thank all the volunteers and those involved in the reconfiguration of the store.  It is our hope that your shopping experience will be   more enjoyable   and we will be able to provide more products and faster service.  Your comments as always are greatly appreciated.  Natalie does her best to provide you with all your requests.
For example the Coconut Bliss in pints will be there this week.
Milk chocolate bars were another request as it was brought to my attention we only have dark chocolate.  Good news chocolate lovers Natalie is ordering them and they will be available on our shelves this week.
We had another request for Sucanat in bulk.  I’m sorry we cannot stock it because it draws ants and no one wants ants in
the bulk area or any other area in the store.  I am happy to report Natalie will  be ordering it in individual bags for your shopping  pleasure.
The last suggestion/comment has to do with parking:   Parking in Point Arena is a precious commodity; if you are going to be in town for an extended period of time it would be nice if you park off  Main Street possibly at the theater or on a side street.  My thoughts are this would be a great solution for all who just need a short trip to the store.  Thank-you in advance for your kind consideration of this idea. 
That’s all for this edition.  Have a fabulous summer and please keep your thoughts and comments coming.  It’s your Co-Op and our desire to provide you with a great shopping experience. Aloha!

Next Co-op Work Projects

I have two more major projects to be completed before the rainy season comes.

One: the kitchen needs a deep cleaning. This can be tackled by a small group of volunteers that enjoy cleaning.

And two: we need to cover with a large tarp, the roof over the storage area behind the building. The Odd Fellows our landlords are willing to work with us on this project. What is needed is an individual that is ready to step into coordinating this preferably someone that understands roofs. I am available to help.

Please give me a call if either of theses projects are something you would be willing to give your time to. Ginny 882-3248


Co-Op Wish List

Members to pay forward on their store account
Espresso machine


New members

Welcome to all our new members! If you know someone that’s not a member invite them in. Thanks for being apart of our Co-op!

Upcoming Events

8/3 ~ Member Appreciation Day!
Members save even more when they shop on the first Friday of the month!

7/17 ~ Monthly Board Meeting
Monthly board meeting 3pm, Tuesday, July 17 at the RCMS Staff Room in Point Arena.

9/7 ~ Member Appreciation Day!
Members save even more when they shop on the first Friday of the month!

Board of Directors

Rick Beach, Pres.
Ginny Wyatt, V. Pres.
Kathyn McCabe, Secretary
Margaret Grace
Natalie Cortese, General Manager

183 Main Street
Point Arena

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